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In order to be considered for a Pinnacle InterTech Award, a technology must meet the following criteria. It must be:

  • Available for sale in the marketplace for three years or less
  • Proven in customer applications
  • Expected to have a significant impact on the commercial printing, digital textile, packaging, screen printing, wide format, or related industries
  • An innovation that has not already been recognized with a Pinnacle InterTech Award (click here for a list of recipients)

Pinnacle InterTech Awards are given to unique and innovative technologies. These technologies may be…

  • Part of a particular product
  • A family of products
  • An option or enhancement to an existing product
  • A standalone technology

Joint Entries

  • Joint entries are welcome when the combination produces a new technology. When more than one company has made significant contributions to the chosen technology, duplicate or joint awards may be given. In all cases, the judging committee is the final arbiter.